The biggest asset that we have is the capability to provide a full design, manufacture and delivery package.

All of our manufacturing takes place in our factories in Pakistan however we offer the added advantage of being a local company where we are available to discuss the needs of our customers 7 days a week.

Computer Aided Manufacturing
The drive for excellence goes beyond the production floor. It starts right from the beginning - pattern making. Bonanza employs the latest GGT pattern generating and grading system which minimises and possibility of error by excluding human intervention.
Sampling is an independent and standalone division which contains its own pattern making, cutting and stitching areas. All the samples are manufactured as per the product specifications from the buyer's requirements.

This department is fully equipped with cloth layer machines, commercial cutting tables, knife band machines and cutting machines which are handled by fully trained and experienced cutting experts.
In our stitching department we utilise the latest technology which includes belt loop attaching machines, back yoke attaching machines, automatic pocket setters, pocket hamming machines, etc. All machines are fully or semi automatic.
Washing & Finishing
This department is capable of carrying out many types of washes such as enzyme, silicon, indigo and stone wash. We also have the ability to perform sandblasting and moustache washing. Here is also where the final touches are applied to the finished product before being packed in accordance with the customer's instructions which comply with international standards.
Training Centre
The company ensures it produces only the best staff by running its own training center. The centre is managed by experienced personnel who run it with the utmost skill and patience.


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